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The use of a rotating cutter to remove material from a workpiece is called milling. A more advanced form of milling is CNC milling, which is done with the use of a computer system. The user with access to the computer controls the movement of the machine. CNC milling is a more accurate form of milling.

What Is CNC Milling?

CNC stands for computer numerical control. The process of CNC milling is rather straightforward, using a computer to carry out milling cutting. This version of milling is more advanced and is able to create varying 2D and 3D parts. There are three steps in this process:


Material Selection




Going deeper into the specifics of the mechanics of CNC milling, it is more than simply pressing a button. The cutting tools are put on a spindle, and those tools begin to rotate rapidly and cuts off whatever sections the person programming the machine tells it to.


The Benefits

CNC Milling is beneficial in many ways; it’s productive, speedy, cheaper,  and consistent. Since it is controlled by technology, it is easier to produce a bigger amount of parts in a smaller amount of time. This makes it easier for bigger companies, such as automotive companies, to produce a copious amount of parts. It’s speed and consistency also helps as parts can be made the exact same every time, while it works at a quicker rate than regular milling. 

The Drawbacks

Though advanced, there are downsides to CNC milling. It saves money over time, however, to begin CNC Milling, it’s quite expensive. The cost of the machine itself, the software to format it, and trained, certified individuals to work the machine are all things to take into mind. With that being said, learning and gaining experience on how to use the machine and its features takes a bit of time to complete. This type of milling isn’t for smaller projects, and new changes means to start anew. Creating an entirely new CNC program results in more financial costs. 

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How To Choose The Right One

Making sure to choose the right milling machine is crucial to ensuring your business runs well. The type of machine you need depends entirely on the type of material you want to focus on, as well as size. For example, if you plan to focus on harder materials, you need a more stern type of machine. In contrast, if you want to work with a more delicate material, you’ll want a machine that is capable of very sharp and specific cuts.

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In conclusion, CNC milling is a very long process to learn about, as it requires technological knowledge. It is faster, more productive, and cheaper than regular milling. Getting one yourself can be too costly, and finding a company near you that will help can be more beneficial. Look to Top Precision if you are in need of machine parts, or a milling service!